Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dog Park and More

We've been spending time hanging out at the local dog parks.  On Saturday we went to Nashotah and on Monday, we were at Jefferson County Dog Exercise Area. 

Cesar continues to be an awesome houseguest.  We've got the pee-in-the-house out of his system, thankfully, and we just need to work on the leash.

He is such a great boy and he makes friends so easily at the dog parks. 

I've put some cameos in of our pack.  No, sorry, Mocha and Te'a are NOT available for adoption.  :)

Mocha would rather I stopped taking her picture.

Oh, did you say treat??

Gee.  Te'a has a ball.  What.a.surprise.

Needs no caption.

I said, Let's go get some water!

Darn anti-gravity days.

Irish Wolfhound.  Isn't he gorgeous?

Should be a poster!

Help!  Need gravity boots!


Not sure what everybody is lookin' at, but it's got everybody's ears perked up.

I think they are cooking steaks up there.

I love chasing leaves!

Michael Flatley Aint' got Nuthin on MEEE!

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