Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great Day!

Wow!  What a great day we had yesterday!

First hello and thank you to all of the wonderful people who came to the Adoption Event at Lisa's Tailwaggin' Doggy Daycare.  We had a such a great turnout and several of our doggies will be going home because of it. 

Hello to Shelley and Steve and their kids.  It was great to learn your "dog" story and meet you. 

After the Adoption Event we went to the Nasotah Park Dog Exercise Area to meet up with a friend.  At first we were a little anxious 'cuz we hadn't seen him in three weeks but were really hoping for the best.  But when Axe saw Kiera he jumped on her and kissed her and let him love her like time had stood still for the past three weeks.

I'd like to tell you that I was a pillar of strength and shed no tears when I saw our little guy, buuuuut, that would be a lie.  Luckily it was windy and blew most of them away.

When Scott and Connor arrived with Mocha and Te'a, Axe ran right up to Scott and begged them to love on him too!

What an amazing thing to love a dog and have that returned.  He came to us a complete disaster.  His coat was dull and falling out, his hocks were raw and messy.  I guess all things considered, the heartworm in his system was probably the least of his worries.  It could have been a lot worse.

Anne and Dave, keep up the good work.  Axe is so happy with you and Desmo.  I was going to take pictures to show everyone but got too carried away lovin' on our boy and getting to know his mom and dad.  Besides that my fingers were freezing and I was too stubborn to go back to the car to get the better gloves.

Cesar and Axe were like two teenage boys meeting each other, "hey", "hey" - shoulder bump hug and away they go. 

Cesar continues to be the perfect dog.  He is young, 15 months, and he needs consistency and training.  He is a good eater - hello, he is part lab, or maybe all lab, who knows.  He does still need leash work, lots of that, as he is very strong. He is not a chewer but he can be mouthy.  I mean that he likes to explore with his mouth, the way young dogs learn.  However, tho he is NOT a chewer he is busy.  If he doesn't get a walk or two a day, he's bored.  And as we all know, a bored dog is a destructive dog.

The other afternoon, I was laying on the couch trying to take a nap, when Cesar came in the room.  He grabbed the handle of our toy basket and dragged it acrosssssss the room.  He then proceded to take every.single.toy.out.of.the.basket.  It looked like a mine field.  He'd chew on them a little and go get the next one.

When he is bored, he tries to "encourage" Mocha to play with him by "purring" and "talking to her".    Most of the time, Mo just gives him the "not-right-now-kid" look and he finds something else to do.  Sigh.  He is a big talker and will talk to the other dogs, or his toys or the room - he's not too fussy as long as someone is listening.

Yes, he is housetrained.  Yes, he is good with kids & cats.  Not a big fan of squirrels and will stand at the windows and BARK BARK BARK to go chase them. Oh, and we've taught him to sit...sort of.  Lay down, well, furever family, I think that would be good if you taught him that.  He's not on the furniture but I'm afraid that the longer he stays here at The Lodge, he'll start to enjoy it more.

He does go in a crate when we are not around.  (I am not presently working, but looking for part-time (25 or so hours a week) working as an Admin Assistant)  He's not wild about it but that's the way it is.  He is free to roam the house at night and he lays on on dog bed next to our bed.

He rides well in the car and yesterday, when we drove to Lisa's, he even tried ride shotgun as Te'a wasn't along and that's her usual place.

So friends, that's all I have.  Thank you for thinking rescue.  Thank you for reading the blog.

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