Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome to Wisconsin...Tittle?

Hooray for Enzo who went home Saturday afternoon! I heard from his mom on Sunday and she said he was doing well. She mentioned that he wasn't so thrilled about the crate on Saturday night and sang her a little song too!!

Within eight hours of General Enzo Sir going home, we met Lori and a transport over at Tail Waggin' Doggy Day Care in Hartland and brought home our current lodger - Tittle.

Um...yeah...UGH. We ran through the list of names on on sheet for girl dogs...Princess Buttercup (for you Princess Bride fans), Goldie (cuz' she's yellow) or Nudge. After meeting her and watching her beat up on her bigger brother and having been bumped in the mouth by her, we decided that the closest she would come to any of those names would be Bonk, instead of Nudge.

I wasn't a big fan of Mocha's name when she first came to us but everybody else liked it, so it stayed. I wanted to call her Denali. I know, great name. So, I figured since Mo stayed Mo, we could use Denali for our girl. She's got a big personality so it fits well.

When you see her pictures, you'll notice that she's missing some hair on her face and her legs. She and her brother, Tattle, hereby known as McKinley, have Demodex Mites. They are non-contagious buggies that ALL mammals have growing in their hair follicles. They show up in creatures with lowered immune systems, usually babies but also Dalmations, and take over the follicles and from all of the scratching, the hair falls out. (Feel free to use one of the many search engines to learn more about Demodex Mange)

The pups are being treated and I've already noticed that her scratching is much less. She is getting a good quality dog food with plain yogurt, she has her own bed (Thanks Mickey!!), and she is hopefully in a much less stressful environment. She has been spayed - we pulled the stitches out on Sunday and we thought she was housetrained but she's had a couple accidents so perhaps that was just the transitioning phase.

Here are some snaps that I've taken of her. She sure is cute and she's got a sweet sweet personality and she's full of puppy energy. Except right now. Right now she's crashed at my feet from her early romp at the dog park.

Tittle-Denali (purple) and Tattle-McKinley (red)

Playing at Tail Waggin' Doggy Daycare.


Denali with Mocha, Kiera and Jessie - Uh, hi...I'm the new kid and I'm a little scared of you big doggies.

Cute cute (naked) puppy!

Te'a and Denali.

I'm in the washbasket...am I getting a bath??

I love the crate!!

I love my bed - Thanks Mickey!!

Do you have room for a little doggie?

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