Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, that was fast.

Two weeks for a foster - I think that is a new record. Trixie Pixie went home tonight with her family. She has a mom & dad, two teenage girls and a teenage boy all competing for her affections.

She's got a big enough personality to go around.

Enzo is not quite sure what is happening. He's just kind of laying here in the computer room feelin' all lost and lonely. He could really use a family of his own to love him too. Especially on these stormy summer nights. But furever family, if you're out there reading and not quite ready yet, that's ok. We'll keep him just a while longer for you.
He's oh, so sweet and gentle. He's super cuddly, walks fairly decently on the leash, is housetrained and has a soft soft mouth (which means he won't eat your hand if you offer him a treat.).
I'll try and get some more pix for you tomorrow! In the meantime, here's Trixie Pixie's noogie!
Thanks for reading!

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Judy said...

I'm so glad I got to meet her yesterday! And I'm even gladder (that IS a word) that she has a family! Give Enzo a big hug from me, I know he will miss her! And furever family, if you're out there reading this, he is One in a Million!