Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Open Letter to Scooby's Furever Family

Dear Family -

Remember how when you were here the other day and we were discussing how old we thought Scooby was? Or wasn't?

Remember how we talked about how he was rather clumsy and still ran like a puppy with all legs moving in different directions?

Remember how we talked about teeth? And the fact that perhaps he hadn't lost all his baby teeth?


Well, today he finished a job he started yesterday on the way to the "snip clinic". I heard him licking on something in the back of my car and turned around to see that he had chewed a little rip in one of the seatbelts. Knew I would have to replace it.

Today on the three minute drive to school, he decided to chew a little higher and just about chewed through the entire thing.

So...Furever Family, you might want to stock up on things for him to chew on. Maybe you could go to an old car yard and sneak some seatbelts out of the old cars and hang them strategically around your home. I would even recommend taking a little multipurpose cleaner out to the garage and cleaning your seatbelts. Wiping off sticky, flavored fingerprints from the kiddies might be a good idea.


He's doing great post-op. Last night he was a little mopey but today he's back to himself. Te'a too is doing great. I personally can't wait til the silly "cone of shame" comes off because she keeps running into the backs of my legs, doorframes, walls, kitchen in general. On the upside, I know where she is or at least where she's been.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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