Monday, April 19, 2010

He's Here!!

And he's Lovely!!

He looks like kind of a cross between Wolverine of X-Men fame and Chewbacca of Star Wars. He's got such a sweet personality! And, Yes, because he is mostly terrier, he is super-duper smart!!

He is housetrained and when he goes potty outside.... He squats!! Well, not so much squat as lean.

He does ok on the leash. Does better than Te'a, that much is for certain.

He knows what NO means. And SIT. I'm pretty sure he understands COME but he's only been on the leash outside.

He's been shaved on the posterior a bit. Not quite sure what that's all about cuz he still has all his parts. Hmm...

He is very, very playful and is comfortable laying on the floor as well as the couch, he just crawled up there now to lay by a reluctant Mocha. He does stairs like a champ.

He's pretty thin but we'll work on getting him fattened up for you, Furever Family.

If you are a first time dog owner and are looking into a dog for your kids, I would have to say, this is the dog for you! I know that Fluffy Dog asks that kids be over six for insurance purposes but because of his enthusiam and large size, I might be inclined to say eight. Because he could knock them over.

I'll have more pictures tomorrow but I just wanted to get this out to you. I don't want to miss an opportunity if someone is looking for the perfect dog. He's right Grade Lodge!!

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