Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coming Soon!

Well, Fluffy Friends, its been a good month since we've been together, but soon, soon we'll be back in the swing of things here at Grade Lodge!

I've gotten so many great photos on my cell phone from Chancey's mom. Everything from him with a "Flokati Rug" hair-do to his current "Keep the Ticks at Bay" shave. Oh, so cute he is.

I've gotten awesome pics from Chasey's mommy too! Pics of him with his boys playing all over Wisconsin.

Zootee's mom has sent some awesome pics of him too. Amazing to see what a little hair and dog chow will do for a boy.

And,finally, Bella, now Ella, because there was already one Bella at her house. Pics of (B)Ella with her family and daily stories of her adventures with her new mommy.

So tomorrow, we pick Scooby up from Julie's house. She's going to be picking him up this afternoon from the transport in Gurnee. From everything I've read about him, he's seems to be a good little doggie. What a bonus that he doesn't chase kitties.

I'll have pictures just as soon as I can get them shot and edited.

Thanks for coming back!

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Cricket said...

Scooby has arrived in Wisconsin! Nice pup. Really cool looking dog. He was quiet in the crate the entire ride in the car from Gurnee. I only think I have heard him bark once briefly all evening. He was found as a stray in Illinois and is thin. He has been at the shelter for two weeks. They are over capacity and we all know what that means. Thankfully they have found rescues to take 10 of the dogs this weekend and are very thankful to Fluffy Dog Rescue for taking Scooby. See you tomorrow Shelly.