Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Visit from a Beardie Past...and a Lab-Hound and a Poodle...

If any of you readers out there are fosters, of any sort of mammal (canine, feline or human), you know how nice it is to hear back every now and again from your "kids". On Sunday I invited a bunch of people out to meet up at the Jefferson County Dog Park for a Fluffy Dog Play Date. Well, the notice was too short ( I thought it might be) but I asked my Furever Moms if they could email me some pics of our boys. They were more than happy to oblige.

So in last to first order, first we have Zootee.

Zootee Before....

Zootee After!!

Chasey Before...

Chasey After!!

Chancey Before...

Chancey After!!

Out of all the boys, I think that Chancey has changed the most. Chancey had a strong personality, which included a lot of sweetness, but wasn't quite sure how to work with it. His mom really worked with him and his sweet personality really shone thru when we went to visit him at his home in Rhinelander last summer. He's become such a great dog! And, just look at that gorgeous hair! His mom said that looking at it made her think of tick season coming up and how it will all have to be shaved off for the summer. Sigh...it was cute while it lasted. (And you can still see his Banyan Tree)
Zootee went thru some nice changes too. He too was shaved to the skin and severely underweight. He has beautiful Apricot curls and you can't count his bones anymore. Zootee always had a sweet personality and with the extra hair and weight, he's become such a great dog!
Chasey has grown into a fine young man. While he was with Harper's and with us, he was a gangly boy. First a puppy and then crazy teenager. He's grown into his legs and his body and he's looking oh, so handsome. He too had a sweet, sweet personality right from the start and he's even more wonderful now. What a great boy!
Thank you Furever Families for loving our boys. They have grown into such fine family friends with you.
I'm hoping to have more Bella news for you readers this weekend. We're in a holding pattern. That's ok. I get to spend more time with her that way.
Thanks for reading and thinking rescue!

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