Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, She Looks...Beautiful...

(For everyone who thought I fell off the planet and took the dog with me, I am here and alive. Connor and the neighbor kid crashed our computer five times last Thursday and released FIVE Trojan Horse viruses. My internet was intermittent at best and I wrapped up the stomach flu from last week with a nasty head cold. I'm still a bit stuffy and my ears creak when I yawn but I think I'll live. In the event I don't make it, my favorite flowers are daffodils.)

Today was Bella's first official spa day as a free dog. Her hair is long enough that it was time to get it professionally groomed and get some of those things taken care of that only professionals know what to do.

So I made the appointment at LA Grooming in Hartland. Amy and Lisa are so wonderful with the dogs. There were a pair of GORGEOUS Blond Golden Retrievers that came in after us, a red Golden Retriever and some cute little beagley looking girl. If you need your pupper washed and pampered and you live in the Lake Country Area (and you know if you do), give them a call to set up a wash and fluff - 262.369.0704.

Coming March 1, Lisa is opening a doggy day care in Hartland. Dont know where yet but will find out next time we go.

I went in thinking shampoo and conditioner, a neat little trim around her privates to clean that up and maybe some ribbons and bows.

Once Amy took off Bella's collar, we had a whole new scenario. There were mats under her collar and her armpits and wherever the harness rubbed. Ugh, I've failed twice now as a long haired dog caretaker. First the ears which got completely gross and now the mats. (Furever Family...are you out there?)

After we washed her, which was exciting jumping/soaking game for Amy, Bella and me, Amy poured on the conditioner. I wish we had smell-o-net because Bella smells ah-may-ZING. Bella's coat was so smooth but Amy took it one step further and applied a detangler which made her hair super slippery.

Once we got her under the hairdryer, Amy discovered more mats running down Bella's backbone. "Shelly, we're gonna have to shave it."

Don't, don't, don't tell Lori. I haven't even taken pictures of the shaved parts yet. Though I have to say, Amy did an awesome job of blending the different layers plus they put this crazy sweatshirt on her to cover it up. That way if Lori comes over, she won't see. Just don't tell her. I feel bad enough with the ear thing and now this.

I tried to take some pictures of Bella after we got home and she had a chance to ease into her new "do" but she's super shy of the camera and wasn't into it as much as I.

What I can tell you is that she is moving around the house more and more and more. We're starting to pick up on some of her "take-me-outside-now" signals but more often than not, we fail and there is a puddle. She still gets spooked over loud crashes and the vaccuum cleaner. I was worried she might have a little pupper heart attack there at LA Grooming 'cuz she was puffing so hard.

She is much much improved about house trainingness and if we don't do our job and get her outside first thing in the am (walks have been a bit of a challenge this week with me being sick), she has accidents. Yes, I know, consistency is the name of the game. Hard to be consistent when you have a headful.

She's coming along. Getting used to house sounds and all. Yesterday afternoon, after sleeping all day, I oozed out of bed and saw Bella laying at the top of the stairs. I got down on the floor and started to play with her. Really, really play. I barked at her and grabbed her feet. She collapsed on me and bit my arms. Yes, she bit me...she played with me. She also licked my nose, my cheeks and my hands. She's in there...almost out but noooooot quite. Soon though...very soon.

So I know you're disappointed that there were no pictures in this post. Well, help yourself to an eyeful of the next post and let me know what you think of our glamourous girl.

Thanks for reading. And remember if you need a groomer in the Lake Country Area, call LA Grooming 262.369.0704.

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