Monday, November 2, 2009

The Park of The Dogs

If you are a fan of all of the Beardie Blogs, you know that "the Lady" takes her doggies to someplace special called "The Park of The Dogs."

Yesterday, Bella went too!

The ride over was less than remarkable. At first she was in the passenger footwell. And then, she was on my lap.

I carried her in to the park between the gates and set her on the bench, just to get acclimated to the situation. After a while, she was encouraged down and we started around the park.

Most dogs she met, she immediately hit the ground, wagged her whole body and licked their lower jaws. For those of you in the know, this is an act of submission. For those of you not, well, now, you know. She did really well.

Scott thought I was crazy for taking her but after we were there a while and eased into the routine, she was pretty ok. She sniffed and was sniffed. She walked nicely on the leash and she even made a new friend.

I took a bunch of pictures of our time at The Park of The Dogs but alas, having some trouble uploading for some reason. I will have to figure out what is happening and try again later.

But in the meantime, know that our little Bella is getting out in the world and seeing some sights and smelling some smells. She is growing a little teeny tiny bit each day but still...regressing too. This has not been an easy road for anyone with the Beardies but it will be rewarding.

Oh, and by-the-way, did you see that Cassie went home with her furever family this weekend?? Hooray!! I'd upload the traditional congratulatory noogie here but am unable.

Til next time! Thanks for reading!

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