Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Midweek Update

Just wanted to update everyone on life here at the Lodge.


and then she pooped and peed on the floor because I scared her when I yelled at Mocha for eating Bella's food.

One step forward two steps back. Dosey doh.

Bella's kennelmate, Polly aka Molly, lives with a family around the corner and her foster mom brought us some newspapers to line the kennel. We thought it would be interesting to get the two most scaredy girls together and see what we would get.


Bella was oh so Happy to see Polly but Polly was a little too freaked out to be happy about seeing Bella. Bella wagged her tail and licked Polly's lower jaw. Sigh. We'll get there. It's only been a month today.

The "locking Bella out of her kennel during the day" seems to be helping too. She is pretty calm right now. I think next week we're going to work on having her in the family room with us in the evening for an hour or so at night. I'm sure the first couple times will be bumpy but somehow it feels like the right thing to do.

She's still pretty freaky about the camera flash so you'll have to wait for the weekend to get new photos!

Thank you for reading!!


Mark and Judy said...

Mocha! The canine in-sink-erator! Sassy puppy who will eat anything and everything... I can tell she's related to Mia!

Make sure you have something nice on the TV when Bella watches with you guys! Maybe Benji?

It IS progress, and YOU got a wag.

Grade Lodge said...

How about...sniff...All Dogs Go to Heaven? sniff sniff

Meg Emrath said...

I thought I saw another shaved Beardie in the neighborhood!

Talking about dog movies, a favorite of mine is My Dog Skip.

FluffyDogsOnTheGo said...

It is all coming together...a wag..a real wag....I am so happy you have Polly that close I would love to see you guys, The Lady will drive me up for a visit as soon as you two are ready! Delilah the Gypsy!