Saturday, August 22, 2009

This and That

Well, Fluffy Fans..I've got nuthin'. No new news. No old news. No good news. No bad news. Oh, wait, there is news...The kids worked really hard and taught Chasey how to catch - treats, balls...whatever. Ok, that's all the news.

He's a super dog. Housetrained - today he rang the bell hanging on my front door to go outside when I was taking too long to let him out. Then the cat got out and I ran out in a T-shirt and well, you don't need to know anymore gruesome details from there.

He's great with the kids, the cats, other dogs - You name it friends, he's good at it. He stays in the yard. Comes when you call him. He rides well in the car. Furever family there are just a few short weeks left before school starts - Hooray! - but if you want to get some bonding in before the kids go back, send in your application NOW. Anybody else who is thinking of adopting this dog, anytime is good.

He loves camping. He's getting better with being in the water. I'm pretty sure that its not his favorite's not mine either. He loves to run and "chase" with Mocha and Te'a. He doesn't run away and doesn't leave the yard. And when he's done, he lays down and crashes in a corner.

He has a soft mouth and doesn't eat your fingers when you offer treats. He is crated when we aren't home, which sad to say, with school upon us, will be all day very soon - that's the bummer part about going back to school. But furever family, I bet he would be just as happy and good confined to your kitchen.

So here are a few new photos as I've been grossly neglectful. I just don't know what else to say to encourage you along. Come on over and meet him.

I do have a request tho - If you don't have room/time for a dog, please consider a donation. I'm not saying it's all about the money but it always helps. If you feel like heading over to one of those chain superstores that carry everything from soup to nuts and beyond or one of those pet superstores, please consider picking up some new fluffy, squeaky toys or a couple of balls, or even some chow. If you are interested, please let me know and I can help you out with the drop off.

If you already have a dog and seriously don't need two (or three), please consider purchasing your chow from Fluffy Dog Wellness. Lori, our director, can even deliver it to your house (provided you live in Wisconsin)! How's that for amazing. Plus, a portion of the sales go to Fluffy Dog Rescue so we can save even more doggies in need - Here is a link to the Wellness Website - go here.
If you don't live in Wisconsin and don't need another dog but still want to help, please consider donating your time to your local animal shelter or rescue. Everybody could use another pair of hands.

Double click to enlarge photos.

Chase is getting real tired of having his picture taken! I've got to get more sneaky with the camera!
Thanks for reading! Please pass this along to all your Fluffy Lovin' Friends!

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