Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Two days after the second, third, fourth? anniversary of my 35th (?) birthday. What is it anyway? I've been lying about it so long I seem to have forgotten the actual number. Thank God for good genes and good skincare products to keep those wrinkles and age spots at bay.

Ah, but you didn't come back here to learn more about my trials and tribulations. Well, maybe some of you did. So, for my birthday Scott and Connor made me a cake and Cornish Game Hen with corn (because it was "corn"ish game hen, of course) for dinner - Yum! Then, the kids and rode our bikes downtown to Oz-a-Palooza.

I don't think I've EVER seen so many Dorothy's, Toto's, and Scarecrows all in the same place. For those of you who don't live in our dusty little burb, many, many, many years ago Oconomowoc was the place where the Wizard of Oz first premiered. Why? No Clue. This year marked the anniversary of that premier and so in a last ditch effort to revitalize our dying downtown (oh, did I editorialize that our loud) they (those guys in charge of that stuff) held Moonlight Movies in the middle of Main Street. They set up an inflatable screen and closed the street.

All summer long we have had Moonlight Movies in a park in Ocon. This one was downtown to commemorate The Wizard of Oz. Wow! It was pretty cool. There were people in costume, food vendors and of course the movie. It was hot and crowded and my kids weren't all that into it.

My good friend Judy and her kiddlies were there but before that they had been at my house dropping off a little birthday giftie. I hung it up after we got back from Oz. It's in this picture of the three Labradors on the path to my front yard....

Here this one shows it a little better...

Typically you only see Labrador Lane but since there are three of them living here, Judy found one that said Labradors Lane. Fun fun! Notice the Labrador in the shadows eating the weedy grass that used to be my garden.

On a completely unrelated note....

I've mentioned before that we are buying a new camper soon. With that being said, we'd like to sell the old one. So if you know anybody, or you want to buy a camper, let me offer it up to you.

It is a '93 Skamper with a king bed, a double bed and a twin bed that converts into a dinette. It has an "ice box" style refrig. and an indoor/outdoor gas stove. It's nice to have with the little kiddies and old doggies to get them up and off the ground but it's time for us to move onto something different.

I have to tell you friends that while we have protected the lineoleum flooring with carpet squares, this camper is a bit of a fixer upper. It is after all 16 years old. We bought it second hand from a family who bought it second hand from a guy who parked it on his up-north property and left it OPEN all year round.

Everything is in good working order, no rips or tears or holes in the windows or walls. The only crux is that it needs a new roof/ceiling. There is water damage on the ceiling but if you are a fixer upper or know somebody who is, this would be a bargain for you. Or if you don't mind the cosmetic icky-ness of the ceiling and come home when it rains, mores the better for you. It will leak if subjected to rain for all day and into the night, but then it is 16 years old.

The family who had it before us took exemplary care of it. No shoes allowed in the camper. The wife made all new curtains for the inside. We replaced the battery this spring and you can plug it in at electric campsites.

So if you know anybody who is looking, please send them our way. You can send an email to me directly at

There's plenty of late summer and fall camping to do before the snow flies. We're asking $1,200 for it but are willing to negotiate.

Thanks for reading and please pass this along to all your Fluffy Lovin' Campin' Friends.

Oh, and I will have more pictures but the "yard man" was in there cleaning at the time of this posting!

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Mark and Judy said...

Hippo Birdie to EWE! Sign looks great! I'm happy!

I wish I really WAS at the Emrald City ;-P Yup! That's it, I need to go to the Emerald City!