Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our First "Official" Foster Dog

He's here! He's here! Our first official foster is here. Oh-mi-gosh is he cute. He also likes to watch TV.

Everyone this is Bryer. Just arrived on the first van out of Alabama.

He's a pretty young guy - maybe Tea's age, maybe younger. He seems to be some sort of terrier and he's really silly. He and our dogs are getting along well. Mo is a little reserved and very protective of Tea' but I'm sure that will get better. He also seems to have a healthy respect for the cats.

He walks well on the leash. We took him for a long walk after our Fluffy Dog Director Lori left and he did super. Someone must have spent some time training him because he does ok with "no" and "sit".

Here's a shot of his crazy hair.

As he was a stray, he's got some really good scavenger habits developed so
we'll have to be careful with that.

So that's all the news I have for now. I'm sure in the upcoming days I'll have more and know more soon.

Please feel free to pass this blog along to other dog lovers - maybe we can have a new home for this guy by Thanksgiving. Christmas??

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Mark and Judy said...

If he's an Alabama dog, he'll LOVE bbq! LOL!

He's cute.

How does one walk three dogs at a time? We're going to have to get you some sort of chariot thingy so you can ride behind and let them pull...