Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our First Foster Dog?

Well, the pick up process didn't exactly go as planned. I was supposed to drive to The Blew Inn on the other side of Watertown, pick up Toki and also some "organ meat" used to feed the dogs.

Shortly before I left the phone rang and it was the director of the rescue who wanted to know if I could take another dog up who was making an interstate trip to LaCrosse. No problem I said. Aha, there was a small catch. This dog was with another dog down in Cudahy. She said, "Sit tight til you hear from me."

When she called back it had all been arranged. Except the woman I was meeting at the Blew Inn was pretty confused. (For those of you who talked to me yesterday, you're aware that I had some dental appliances installed and my speech is somewhat less than stellar!) After I told her what was happening, in my understanding and slurring form, she was even more foggy.

Shortly after that the man who was picking up the two dogs from Cudahy called me and said he had the pooches and he was on his was up and "where do you want to meet?"

We agreed on the motorcycle dealership on the edge of Oconomowoc. When I arrived he was already there and I wandered in to look for him. Well...not exactly right in. There were several motorcycles waiting to be winterized and waiting on the driveway. These were the kind of bikes that were in town for that big anniversary party in September - You know the ones...they have the REALLY loud rumble that you can feel in your chest as they go by.

As I walked in I was greeted by one of the service guys. I took a deep breath, hoping I could speak without coming across without too much of a mess, and told him why I was there. Ok, well, the customer in the service department wasn't him, so I proceded further into the store. Wow! What is it about those bikes? The history? The rumble? The shiny chrome and sparkly paint?
Before long, I had both doggies, six boxes of dog treats and two dog kennels loaded into my car and I was heading home. Yes, home and NOT to The Blew Inn. It seems that the woman who was supposed to take this dog to LaCrosse wasn't coming until Saturday so I was to keep Vincent aka Rosco until then. The other dog, Midnight, was going to be picked up from our house Friday night by another volunteer who was going to take her to another foster's house in Watertown on Saturday - Anybody else confused?? The director assured me that this is not standard protocol but I'm starting to wonder.

Midnight got picked up and we went inside to settle in for the night. Just as we were getting into some good settling the phone rang and it was the woman from The Blew Inn meeting who has Toki who said, "the groomer thinks that she might want the dog and needs a couple of days to think about it."
Ok - so we're driving to the Blew Inn later today to pick up frozen organ meats, drop off Vincent/Roscoe and come home empty handed. But wait, this is a rescue. Apparently there is a transport of doggies coming up from Alabama later today and someone named Bryer is on it and coming home with us after he gets a bath.
Here are a couple pics from yesterday. Midnight is the black and tan doggie and Vincent/Roscoe is the other guy. You might recognize the non-doggies as well.


Mark and Judy said...

Do you have well or city water? Just wondering if it's something you're drinking?

Snerk! Snort!

Nice blog by the way...

Grade Lodge said...

Asked the lady who has three daughters under the age of seven....

Mark and Judy said...

Hah! One IS seven, not under.