Sunday, January 31, 2016

(Ascott) Norman and (Mondavi) Mandy

Kind of weird at The Lodge today. Checker went home about two weeks ago and he'd been here since the end of May. In his place, Mondavi-Mandy moved in. Yesterday, Petunia Louise left and Ascott Norman took her place. Just feels different around here. 

I dont have a lot of pictures of Mondavi-Mandy. She's a beautiful dog but she's been through some stuff - Talk about a hard knock life. She was spayed on Friday and while she was there, she also had to have eight teeth removed. Poor dear. So she's down for the count for a bit. In the meantime, she's a great dog, mellow, mellow mellow. She was enjoying running around at the dog park but she's on injured reserve a little while til her belly heals. She's housetrained  and gets along great with the other dogs here at The Lodge. She was a little nutty with a naughty Golden Retriever Puppy at the dog park the other day but it was making all of us a little crazy - she just acted on it (and wound up on a leash til she behaved which was once she got in the car) - we've got some things to work on. )  She does know "sit" and "wait". We work on that daily.

After Petunia left yesterday, I picked up Ascott Norman from The Doggy Bag in Oconomowoc. He was there for a little meet and greet. 

He's a pretty sweet dog. Seven mos old, soft soft coat and not too high energy. It would take a lot of energy to get that long body moving. We went to the dog park this morning and he ran around a bit but I suspect he'll be sleeping all day. 

My kids are in love with him and I think he's pretty awesome too. I love his eyes. One blue and one brown - The native Americans say that he has "one eye on heaven and one on earth". 

He got along great with all the dogs at the park this morning. He was a little freaked out when a different Golden Retriever was barking at him but we talked and he was cool. I picked up my friend Kristin and her Golden Retriever Mickey. The first words out of her mouth were, "WoW - he's shorter than he looks in the pictures."  Yes, he's very long with shorter legs. His nose gets in a room about ten seconds before his tail.

He's got house training in his brain. We've not given him a chance to have an accident.

I got a few pictures last night. He's pretty photogenic and kind of silly.

Have a look.

Ascott-Norman and Mondavi-Mandy - With his long body, it usually takes a couple of tries to get up on the couch - His coordination is not quite there yet.
One eye on Heaven ...

One eye on the cat.

This is Mondavi-Mandy's feeding station. Ascott-Norman finished before she did.

I dont know if you can really tell how long he is based on this picture.

So there ya go. 

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Janet Tomaz said...

Had the privilege of taking Norman (Ascott) to the vet for his final check before going to his new home. He's quite a dog. The entire vet staff loved him. Super sweet.