Monday, October 27, 2014

Pix of Cam-a-lam

As of Saturday, Cameron has been here at The Lodge for two weeks. WoW - he has come so far in two weeks. He's super friendly and cuddly with Scott and I. He's learning to appreciate the children. 

After Miss Cabernet Bella Ella Mae went home on Saturday afternoon, Cam became a different boy. He was suddenly more outgoing and relaxed. He's become more like the "bouncing Beardie" we know he should be. Rolling on his back, Acting Silly, Just being the clown that the Beardies are known for. Furever Family, I hope you're ready for this guy.  It wont take long for him to come out of his shell for you. Just give him space but still push him out of his comfort zone a little tiny bit. Not enough to flip him out or scare him but just a nudge. We'll talk about it.

He got a little spooked over all the people at our house on Saturday when we had twenty people over for Birthday Palooza 2014. It was a little loud. Just so you know, the plan was to leave him out for a little bit and keep an eye on him. My dad and his wife arrived first and then my cousin's wife. When my brother and his family arrived, with two pre-teens leading the way, we knew it was time to escort Mr. Cameron to his private suite in our bedroom. I hated to do it but I would have felt worse if something would have happened to cause him to freak out on one of the kids. 

No worse for wear, we spent most of the day outside yesterday working on yardwork. As you recall, Cam was one of a bunch of dogs living in a hoarders house in Alabama. I dont think he got out much to do yardwork and was pretty curious and eager to help. Kind of.

The pictures can tell the story.

Look at that face!

He's got a little Captain in him!

He loves to hunt at the dog park.

Yard inspection. Making sure we got all the leaves

We got a smile. Looks like we did ok.

Looks like this area could use a little more work.

Trampling the hostas to break up the stems so the maple leaves come unstuck a little easier.

Watching his favorite person at The Lodge. If I would have let him, he would have followed Scott around the entire day while he chopped up leaves with the lawn mower.


HA HA - Doin' a great job, Human!

I think he was playing Dracula

We're done already?

Oh, we're NOT done yet.

Ah, you wash the lawnmower after you use it. Check.

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