Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Trip to the Dog Park

This morning started out like any other morning. I have off today so I have a list of 10 things I want to get done. It's so blasted hot and sticky, I wasnt planning on going to the dog park. Kiera came downstairs and said, "Are we going to the dog park?"

"Agh. Yup. Let me get some coffee in me."

We piled all five dogs in the car. Miss Sophie is not quite familiar with the "All In" command so I have to lift her back end into the back of my car. 

When we arrived there were a fair amount of people there. Sophie was off and running and meeting new people. It's safe to say she's really getting into the socialization aspect of the dog park.  She didnt hang with me but chose to run around with a woman and her yellow Lab. 

We caught up with her at the other end of the dog park when we went the opposite direction. 

On our way over to the other end, I heard some familiar barking and then saw some familiar furry faces. I wasnt 100% sure but sure enough to try an experiment. 

Miss Sophie had found a friend to play with and the two of them were running around that corner of the dog park like two long lost friends. As we got closer, I cold see who the friend was and said to Kiera, "Watch this."

I called Sophie's name and then said, "What are you doing?? Come on back!!"

Out of nowhere, Lincoln Winkleman, our little Beagle Jack buddy came FLYING from the other side of the dog park and leaped into my arms. He was wiggling and wagging his entire body and licking my face and ears.   

I put him down and he and Sophie picked up their race and chase game where they left off.  

Of course I had my camera. Of course I had to shoot them all!  I wanted to get some pictures of Miss Sophie & Alyx & of course Mr. Jim!

Here ya go! Enjoy!

Miss Alyx meets Winkleman. Sassy little thing has her hackles all up.

Hey wait! You're my size. Let's play!

Seriously. Love.The.Dog.Park!



Run Winkleman Run!

Run Sophie Run!

Ok, how's this for a picture?? Looks like a beam of light on Miss Sophie. Aww

Go Dogs Go!

Is hot.

Looks like she's wilting.



Time to go.

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