Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ok Furever Families ... You had Your Chance

So I waited for you to come and get Lucky Jim at Halloween. And I waited at Thanksgiving. Held out hope for Christmas. But then New Year's came and went and you still werent here. Sigh.

I didnt want to give Lucky Jim another haircut. I really, didnt because, well, I do a pretty hack job. Now, I know that this post will elicit a lot of responses from my groomer friends who would be more than happy to give him a proper trim (pro bono) but ... I seem to be back on the sick wagon, for like the fourth time since Christmas. And just dont feel like going out in 20 degree weather. Sorry.

Lucky Jim needed a bath anyway so we went upstairs and I helped him into the tub. Used something for an invigorating clean and something to moisturize and condition. Somehow I think he failed to appreciate both. 

After a rub down with a towel and several rather invigorating shakes in the bathroom ( I need to go back up and put that back together after I finish here), we came downstairs for a little comb out and trim.

Lucky Jim does pretty well for both of those. His previous family must have had an awesome groomer.

So he just laid on the floor while I combed and trimmed and trimmed and combed. After I finished the first time, I vacuumed the several huge piles of hair and started over. His ears, which I'd been leaving long all summer, I clipped the hair length right down to the ear leather. Scott likes Lucky Jim's head a little fluffier so I just trimmed that a bit. 

I like to be able to see his eyes so I kinda hacked away around those. Er. Sorry. It'll grow back.

I trimmed away the knots I could find on his belly and under his front legs. I was sure to clean up the backs of his legs and also front feet. He doesnt have a lot of hair like the golden doodles so it tends to knot easily and also if not knotted it looks fly-away (which is why I used conditioner).

After I got the hair cleaned up, I had to drag out the camera so you could see. Maybe this is the series of pictures that inspires two families to put in applications for Lucky Jim and Lincoln Winky. Oh, yes, there are pix of Lincoln here too. 

Oh, yes, the sooner you put in an application, the sooner Lucky Jim gets spared my lousy hair cutting abilities and off to a professional groomer. 

So if you're ready... (double click to enjoy more)

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