Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Little About Lincoln

Ok, Lucky Jim has his own Facebook Page. I'm trying to put up some witty and clever stuff to draw attention to him. Point out that living with Addison's is NOT a death sentence and that he is living a perfectly normal dog life here at The Lodge and can live an equally normal life at your house too.

Ok, enough about Lucky Jim. Today's post is all about Lincoln Winky.

He will be a year old in May. He is a doxie mixed with a beagle, maybe. He sure sounds like a beagle when he brays at somebody at the door. He is housetrained but is also quite stubborn and will let the children know when he's waited quite long enough to go outside to potty.

He is too stinkin' cute and furever family I wish you'd get here soon. Because of his size and (lack of) coat density, he gets chilled easily. When Scott gets up in the morning, all the dogs go outside. Lincoln-Wink's feet have been getting pretty cold and he has a hard time walking. Once he's in the house, he flies upstairs and onto the bed. Being on top of the covers was ok for November & December but not for the dead of January below zero winter. No sir.

When he comes in from outside, he will leap onto the bed, nose at my shoulder until I lift the covers and then he crawls under them at curls in at my side. Scott said the other morning he was under the covers with just his head sticking out, spooning me. Awww.

Linc loves to chase the kitties. His favorite kitty is our own dear Hawk. They play a lot! Dont worry about Hawk. He still has all four feet clawed and daily gets a good shot in on ol' Linc. I heard the familiar yip last night again. 

I have a glass topped coffee table in my living room and Hawk likes to sit on it and torture the dog. Aww.

Call me baby! Yeah! *Wink*

In case you missed it, here is the link to Lucky JIm's Facebook Page - 

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