Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aaaaaaaaaaaand the Noogie goes to ...

Miss Wilma-KarmaJane!


Miss KarmaJane, the Great Dane, Weimeraner, English Pointer Mix has found a new home in the Windy City.  Her new mom is a runner which should be a perfect new hobby for our spotted girl.

Her mom was thinking that maybe she'd like to change Karma's name to something but what rhymes with Karma?  I said "orange"?

She then asked what her birthday was.  I told her that mostly I just give them their birthday as the day they arrive at The Lodge. Wilma-KarmaJane arrived at The Lodge on September 11, 2011. Her mom decided to keep her name but add the name "True" after Karma; instead of Jane. She is named for a character in a book titled "Born to Run".  I've just ordered it for my Kindle; I'll read it soon - I'm reading some smushy romancey thing now. lol I'll keep you posted.

This one really got to me. No kidding. She came to us on the way to being a more confident dog. Her first foster mom in Alabama gave her a great start. We just helped her along. Her new mom and her friends will be perfect!

I didnt want to give her up but I couldnt keep her either.

A bittersweet truth.

So, KarmaJane True finally got her "Noogie"


Not to steal any thunder from this moment because it is quite wonderful but I was perusing the Facebook page of the shelter she came from in Alabama.  I came across a picture of a handsome young boy dog who was adopted shortly before Karma went to live with her first foster mom, Janet.  Tell me what you think of this guy ...

Yeah, I thought so too. So I passed it along to the Director of Fluffy Dog and a whole bunch of fosters and now I'm passing along to you. This guy was adopted by a family in Alabama. YaY!

Thank You for thinking rescue! Thank you for reading!

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