Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dog Park

So, Will, like his sister, Kate (Lilly), is moving on to his Furever Home tomorrow.  Sigh.  I was really kind of hoping to keep him just a while longer. 

No more will I be greeted every morning with a cold, wet nose, er... there.  He'll have to terrorize his new mom.  I also won't have to lift him into the back of my car or into the Bus at work.

I will miss his goofy little attitude, something we should all learn to adopt anyway.  Just let it roll, people, let it roll.  Life is too short to play games being mad and acting stupid.

Ok, so enough waxing about how we should all act, here are some pix of how to enjoy life!!

Thanks for reading!
Coming soon to a Lodge near you, Wilma, but we'll be calling her Karma here.

Go for lots of walks on bright sunny days.

Lead the Way with a smile on your face

Rest in the Shade

Paws to give thanks before you eat (and drink)

Break bread with friends and share!

Take out the trash with a smile on your face.

Run with your tongue hanging out

Slow down when things get too hot

Keep track of your family

Smell the Flowers


Investigate and Encourage Curiosity


Judy said...

Hugs to you guys (especially YOU) today. I love this post, and am sure that Will can spread that message wherever he goes! Love him!

Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

And another good job Shelly & your wonderfilled family. We all tip our hats!
Kris & Crew