Monday, March 21, 2011


Strange changes as David Bowie once sang about and I believe him.  Maybe its the full moon, maybe its that Sid is so darn persistent and cute that noone can resist playing with him or maybe because Te'a is sick, I'm not sure but I am thankful.

We had a little bout of kennel cough around here.  It probably sounds like a bad movie but I think it came from the dog park.  First Sid got it, then Te'a and now Mocha's got a cough that rivals that dog from under the table in the movie "Christmas Vacation".  

Seriously, I wish I were kidding.  Poor thing was up all night last night and since she was up, I was up. 

But Sid is on the mend and about 95% better and he's looking for a playmate.  Te'a is still recovering from her round of Kennel cough and that just leaves our littlest lodger, Kringle-Carlos.  No, Kringle-Carlos hasn't gotten it...yet.

Carlos and Sid have been wrestling and rolling and running through my house at top speeds.  They're happy and the growls and barks are just part of the game.

I'm amazed at how far he's come being here at The Lodge.  He's really becoming an outstanding pack member and he's getting along great with everyone.  Quite the change from when Siddy first arrived and Kringle-Carlos tried to eat him, face first.

He's quite the amazing little dog anyway.  He's sweet and cuddly but yet still loves to run and play and wrestle either with a human companion or canine.

So if you're thinking you might like to add to your pack at your Lodge, give Kringle Carlos some thought!

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