Sunday, January 2, 2011

For Laura Holloway & All Other Doggie Heroes

This blog is dedicated to all the wonderful men and women who, like us, have chosen to save dogs and find them wonderful homes.  Thank you to all the volunteers who make this work, more often than not via several emails and really, rarely any phone calls.  (I myself find that when on the phone I tend to ramble on and not get much accomplished.  In an email, I can dash off my thoughts and be on my way.)

So...that being said...This ones for Laura and her crew.  I want you all to see what your time and love has done for this beautiful, spunky, wild, cuddly little girl.  Her hair is really growing in and she's quite the character.  I gave her a bath today with some good smellin' almond oil body wash.  I cleaned her ears out (um, blech) and trimmed up the hair in and around her eyes and ears.  (Those little ears got pretty stinky).  Scott trimmed up her nails and now, Furever Family, she's all ready for you!!

Happy New Year!!

Well, I had to get one of Will in there, didn't I??

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SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance Inc said...

How wonderful of you! She looks so good. It brings tears to my eyes to see her and know she is doing so well. I am sure she wouldn't be alive now if the people at the lake hadn't brought her to Tammy who brought her to me. Carter her best friend when found is doing very well too. Happy New Year to all. I love the pictures of her and Will is beautiful.