Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dear Fluffy Friends, I gotta tell you, the dogs here at The Lodge have been goofy for two days.  Furever Family if you're reading this, please look away.  Cesar ran away yesterday and attempted this morning (but was thwarted by a friend at the end of the driveway - thanks Chris!!).  They could tell the weather was changing long before any of the weather guys could. 

Today we got our first long awaited snow.  I decided that after walking the dogs Monday and Tuesday and chasing Cesar yesterday and today, all he really wanted was to run!  So until he meets his furever family, we'll go to the dog park every day so he can RUN RUN RUN til his little heart's content. Maybe we'll go for a walk tomorrow afternoon but we're gonna run at the dog park tomorrow morning.

I took some snaps of our fun in the snow at the dog park today.  Cesar didn't quite "get it" to NOT stand facing the oncoming snow and as a result gave me some pretty funny pix.  Enjoy!!

Come on - Let us IN!!

What the??!!

Dang - Seriously, what the heck is in my eyes??!!

Throw the BALL! (Do you see the pawprint break in the clouds - Upper left - double click and scroll over)

I like being outside.  I like the snow but come on already.

Let's go home now.  We're tired.

Kiera's my favorite.  Sorry furever family, we didn't mean to break him.

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Cricket said...

Wow. He has to be one of the most beautiful yellow labs I have ever seen!