Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dog Park!!

The weather cleared, as did Will's lungs so off to the dog park we went.  Many, many thanks to Julie Holton and Ellie, our neighbors, who donated a bag of doggie clothes to Missy.  Included in this wonderful cache of treasures is the gorgeous red sweater she is wearing here.  Is it handmade??  And also, the purple snowsuit, yes, snowsuit, that you'll see down the page a bit!

Dog Park?  What is this Dog Park??

What are you lookin' at? Aint you nevah seen a doggie in a purple snowsuit evah?

Look at her cute little tailfeathers!

Cutest face ever!

Makin new friends

Never ceases to amuse me that Te'a can get EVERYBODY EVERYTIME to throw the ball for her.  People are just suckers for throwing the ball and having a dog bring it back.  My arm would fall off if I threw the ball as often as she wants me to.

Cheese, already - blech.  Put the camera away.


Dog Tired.


Anonymous said...

Yep the sweater was made by me and she looks so adorable in her sweater and snow suit. She is a great little girl and so cuddly and affectionate. I love her.

Judy said...

I love the sweater and the snowsuit! I also love she and Will together, what a pair! They both are such good doggies! Their furever families will be so lucky!

Grade Lodge said...

I'd hate to break up the set. They're gonna have to go together.