Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dog Park and More - Missy!!

Took the crew to the dog park this morning.  All of our usual pals were there.  Missy loves big doggies!  Heck, Missy Loves Everbody!  Besides, that how many times is too many times seeing a little tiny doggie in a big purple snowsuit?? I don't know, I still giggle, even putting it on her.

Hello Cody!

Missy and Will

Missy and Abby  -  We're trying to convince Dave that Abby needs a buddy at home.

This might help :)

It's a Chocolate Oreo!

So cute!

Hi Kitty!

What do you think we should do to him??

Too Close!!

Oh, so cute!


Judy said...

I had to stop for a minute as I was laughing so hard, I was hyperventilating! OMG! Furever family, you are SO lucky!

julie said...

she is so adorable, I love seeing her in her winter wardrobe. you should see what I have for summer.
thank you for all the pictures, I wish I could be the forever person for her. just feel such a connection to her. I will bring over more sweaters soon.