Sunday, August 8, 2010


By now you've all seen that Tittle Denali has a pending behind her name on  I know I should be happy but it's always a bittersweet happy.  She's such a sweet puppy; all of them are.  Yeah, we fall in love with all of them - How can we not?  She's wild and crazy but also oh, so cuddly.  Loves the kids, LOVES other dogs and the cats, well gosh, they're oh, so fun to chaaaaaaaaaase!  Furever family I just want you to know how lucky you are to be adopting this cute little girl, who is actually even cuter now that she has hair on her face. 

These are not current current pictures.  They are about 2 weeks old, except the last one, which I took last night after Connor laid her in the bean bag chair.  Her fur has come in soo nicely! (double click to enjoy larger!)

Smelling the area...hmmm...water ahead.
Aaaaaand she's IN!
Can't touch...I'm just gonna catch a ride with Mo.
Bounce, bounce, bounce
Kinda looks like a Chupacabra...eek.
Oh, that's better, a smiling Chupacabra!
Waiting for the Big Doggies to come back in.
Everybody s-h-a-k-e!
Gonna get the big goggie!
Not jumping off the pier but gonna get the big goggie anyway!
Just look at all that FUR!!

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Judy said...

doesn't a Chupacabra have like glow in the dark eyes, blood dripping for its teeth and only comes out at night? This little girl is MUCH too cute to be one! She was cute even before she had hair!