Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Trip to the Dog Park

We took the doggies to the dog park this morning.  Was beautiful at the dog park.  It's finally stopped raining and the humidity is down to a tolerable level.  Denali is a little apprehensive of the doggies who want to sniff her but warms up pretty quickly.  She loves the people and of course, since she's a puppy, she's loved by all of the people. 

I'm very appreciative of seemingly everyone who has an open mind about her "shaved face".  So far, I've not heard one negative comment about it.  We were a little concerned that people would be less than open to it.  But it's not contagious and it's being treated and has been treated for at least a week. 

Other than her outward appearance, she is a normal puppy.  She runs, she plays, she (blessedly) sleeps.  She is quite the jumper, launching herself off of furniture, retaining walls at the other dogs and onto furniture on top of people.  Crazy little "nekkid fing" (naked thing).

Oh, and did I mention?  She's housetrained.  A super big thank you to her previous foster mom and dad in Missouri.  She also does pretty good on a leash.

On with the show...

Just me and my shadow...
Playing with my new friends, Basil (a Portie) and Oscar (a black Lab)
Top of my head is lookin' better.
Are you talkin' to me?
I'm ready for my close up, Mom.
Hmm, what are those big doggies doin'?
Oh, Me?
I love you.
Come on Mom, put the camera down and let's do one more lap.
See that guy over there?  With the big beagle?  He's got the BEST TREATS.
(**Note from Mom - Please don't ever bring treats to the dog park unless you enjoy dog fights.)
Oh, man, I am soooo tired.
I can just sleep here by you?

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Judy said...

I LOVE!!! the pic of her with her freind Basil! How adorable