Friday, October 9, 2009

Breaking News!!

Quick call Channel 6! Call Channel 4 - No wait, I have a friend who works there that has the power to send over a reporter! Call SOMEBODY!!

Last night, after cleaning "stuff" and wet bedding out of Bella's kennel (again), we locked her out of it for a few hours. She sat by the door, trying to sleep - that was hilarious but the video doesn't show it off nearly like I'd hoped. Then she gave up and laid down off to the side.

We left her out of the kennel while we ate dinner and then we moved into the family room to watch the Tellington DVD that I ordered. I can't wait to go tonight!!

Before we went to bed, we opened the kennel door but she would not go in. Interesting...

Somewhere around one or two this morning, I heard a whole lot of shaking goin' on down here. Not the kind I've been used to hearing but rather the kind you hear after a lab has been swimming. Full on Body Shaking. So I decided to come down and investigate.

She had been in the kennel and when Te'a and I came downstairs, she came out and stood there. I called her again and Te'a went over. This time, she walked over to Te'a and took a submissive posture and began WAGGING HER TAIL. HOORAY!!!

After that she went back into the kennel and came out one more time and hid under the dining room table. And that was the last I saw of her before I went back to bed at 330.

When I came down (again) this morning, and sat on the couch, she came out again when I called her. She came out, stretcheeeeed her hind legs (a little Yoga trick I've seen her kennel-mate Delilah perform in pictures), came out a little further and PEED ON THE PUPPY PADS IN FRONT OF ME!!

I know, I know, I know - Why isn't that reporter here yet??

More tomorrow. I gotta go call the station.


Mark and Judy said...

I am SO happy for Bella! I just know that soon she's gonna be rippin up the dog park with me, like I did today with Mocha and Te'a! Thanks Auntie Shelly for taking me and mom along!


PS Bella~ shhhhhh, but I think that the two of us will be able to get and KEEP that ball from goofy Te'a at the park, we'll be a team!

FluffyDogsOnTheGo said...

Slow and sure goes Shelly
With Connor the prize for sure
And what do you know
It took time, it was slow
But that Bella's a dog on the go.

Jake, Mollie, Gypsy and me are so happy, amazed and proud!

Kathie said...

Congrats Bella and Shelly. Baby steps are what gets us there..i noticed a star today by Maxs name. Will let you know more as I find out.