Thursday, September 24, 2009

She's He-eere...

I know you're all on pins and needles wondering about this new foster. Well, wonder no more but get a box of tissues. That's ok...I'll wait.

We arrived at LA Groom in Hartland to see the four girls in kennels. Each one thinner than the next. Mine was in the kennel behind the drying hoses. She is the thinnest. She is also the spookiest.

She is a beautiful dog, or at least I can see her in a couple months a little more grown out and a little bit of weight, no scratch that, a lot of weight on her little body.

Amy opened the door to the kennel and let her roam. Ok maybe roam is the wrong word, we let her skate around the puppy salon on her nails. I've never actually seen a dog walk like a ballerina on her toes before - she's pretty good. While she explored, Scott, Amy and I hung out and talked - did you know that they are hoping to open a Doggie Daycare in the Hartland Industrial Park? I know - how cool is that??? I'll keep you posted.

While we talked, Miss Issabella (I know, not Delilah, not Gidget - She'll probably be Bella) went into the shampoo area and worked herself into a corner with her front leg wrapped around the leg of the sanitary tub. Amy went in and got her and carried her out. She set the poor trembling thing on a table and we got her into a harness.

Scott carried her out the car and sat with her on the way home. Strangely enough, she started roaming in the car and it wasn't long before she claimed "shotgun" with her nose out the window. But the confidence was not to last. When we arrived home, she went right back into shrink mode and became this little fragile thing.

She met Mocha and Te'a and I think that was just a little overwhelming. Meeting the cats this morning kind of freaked her out. Yeah, I'm sure that's all it was - cats.

She's been eating and drinking - hooray! But she is spooky...oh, so spooky.

I don't have any pictures that I want to post yet. Doesn't quite feel right to post them. She is so sad looking. All skinny and naked and boney. Remember when you were a kid and your grandma kept trying to feed you because you were just skin and bones? Yeah, well, that was never me either but I'm sure someone was....that's all this little girl is. All skin and bones and a rough lookin' tail.

As we get a little more comfortable with each other I'll post some pictures of her. She has beautiful eyes. They are kind of a light amber and her hair is kind of a "fawn" - that's what Amy from LA Groom called it. So your assignment for today is to search fawn colored Bearded Collies.



Anonymous said...

I can't wait to her more about Bella and how she progresses! I can almost feel her pain when I read this entry.

Anonymous said...

Bella is so fortunate to have you as her foster family. We look forward to hearing how she is progressing also.