Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dog Park

As promised, I've got some pictures of the pack (and Mickey too) at the new dog park at Nashotah Park. Pretty easy to get there if you live in Western Waukesha County. Hwy 16 to Hwy C. Take Hwy C North. It's about a mile-or-more (that one's for you Aunti Mel) up on the left hand side of the road.

You will either need to pay the daily entry fee or purchase an annual sticker. The sticker is $25 for the year and will get you into ANY Waukesha County park with no entry fee. This includes our other favorite dog park, Minooka in Waukesha. The sticker is priced at $15, I think, as it is the end of the year. Either way take cash.

This is the beginning of our third week with Zootee. I'm so amazed at how far he's come in that time. Go back and check out some of the earlier photos....Poor thing looks all dazed and "cornfuzed." He was naked and oh, soo skinny.

When he slept, he slept curled up on a blanket with his long legs tucked around him like a deer when it beds down. He's sleeping now, full out, legs stretched out with his tail wagging. I know...awwwwwwwwwwwww. His hair has grown out some and he's put on some weight, huzzah! He's not nearly as boney but he's still got a ways to go.

He's getting along better with Scott and getting used to a man that won't hurt him. He is a little protective of me with Scott but this will be overcome in time.

If you were here yesterday, you noticed that he was available for adoption as the first interested party withdrew their application. In the span of a day, he has a fresh application and a star behind his name. Hooray!

Furever family, this is one wonderful dog. I'm always amazed at how these guys bounce back. He's happy, he wags, his tail and he's amazing with other dogs. He's even started to play with Te'a. I think at first he was a little too weak to be chasin' around but he's gained some weight and built up a little more muscle and stamina from our daily walks and he's "rarin' to go".

So here are the dog park pictures...The first one is of him and Mickey, Kristin's dog. They are checking out the "water feature" of the park. Ahhh....

This is kind of a before and after picture. The guy in front is the after. His name is Bear and he's about 70# and yes, he's a standard poodle. GORGEOUS!! You can see that while he's made, great strides, Zootee has a ways to go.

Our hero!

Makin' friends at the Dog Park.

Lot's of new friends...

Runnin' with the big dogs...

Hi - I'm Zootee! Happee to Meet You!

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