Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Exercise. Discipline. Affection.

Those of who watch cable TV, whose mantra is our title for today? That's allright, I'll wait while you think.....


Ok - enough time. The Dog Whisperer. And while I can't believe that all of his training methods work or his show isn't entirely made up of the only the successful sessions, some of his ideas have merit.

Young Jack has some problems with sharing and really, who could blame him? He had a home, far, far away, where he slept under the stars. Now he's in the frozen tundra where cold, white rain falls from the sky and he has to sleep in a metal box at night.

So now he's here. At Grade Lodge. With a pack that consists of a large brown dog with issues of her own, a sassy young girl dog, and three noisy cats. "I should share with them??"

In a potentially tense moment this morning, there was a dog baby on the floor and Tea' and Jack were both eyeing it up, hoping the other would back down. Nobody did. Before things got too noisy, I "t-sched" Jack and I tapped him on the side of his neck - Just like Cesar. Jack sat down.


He's a great dog and he's going to make some family very, very happy. He walks great on the leash, loves the kids, he's housebroken and he's even beginning to understand that the crate is his "beddy" and goes in. Ok, well maybe, just maybe he's going in to look for the treats that I launched in there last night to get him to go to "beddy" but hey, he's going in on his own.

I'm not sure what (or if) he ate while he was down south but I don't think it was dog food. He turns his nose up at the stuff. He loves mini bagels dipped in yogurt. (I had to get him to eat SOMETHING) He also ate leftover cereal that some boy didn't finish this morning. I poured it over the dog food and mixed the whole mess together.

He's scheduled to be um...f-i-x-e-d on Tuesday. Never having had a "boy" dog, I'm not sure how much of his behavior is unneutered male and how much is Jack's personality. But I have to say that Kiera is not really enjoying "dancing" with him, and, well, Connor either for that matter. Hopefully, this will minimize time doing the Fluffy Dog Flamenco or is that the Canine Cha Cha or maybe even, the Jack Jive. Hmmm.

My Aunt Lucille asked me if I thought I would get too attached to him and "won't it be hard to give him up?"

I don't think so. But I'm also just sitting here and noone is driving away with him. I love ALL dogs. I think if we were fostering Labs, the only dog breed I've ever known, I think then I would have a problem.

So until that time...just remember....

Exercise. Discipline. Affection.

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