Monday, November 17, 2008

Early Morning Walk a Little Nerve Wracking

The morning routine around here is up at 5am-ish and out the door with the doggies for a 45+ minute walk so they don't eat the house while we're gone. Today, having an extra set of teeth in the house, was no exception.

As I dressed in my usual dog walking gear - reflecto coat, hat & gloves, Mocha and Tea' danced and pranced knowing what was coming. Poor Jack was standing by me and he was really confused. He looked up at me as if to say, "Um...what is their problem??"

Figuring it was the thing to do, he wandered over by the crazy big doggies to join the pack. "All right, well, I guess if everybody else is doing it, I'll go along too but I AIN'T gonna dance. "

We started out down the driveway and this was ok for everyone but when we got up to the undeveloped subdivision things got a little nutty. The wind was blowing every which way and scents were flying fast and furious. Jack was looking at my two goofballs sniffing the wind, shook his head and said, "What in the wild, wild world of sports is a goin' on here?"

The more we walked the spookier he got. We came upon a runner. This was just about more than ol' Jack could handle. He stopped on the grass and had that crazy, deer in the headlights look and then began the I've-gotta-get-outa-here leash pull.

From whatever back country road (?) Jack is from in Alabama they apparently didn't have fire hydrants. He wandered over to one because "everybody else did", took a sniff and ran away like it had teeth. He stood there staring at it a second and moved on. He must have decided that he wasn't going the let the little yellow tree get the best of him because he lifted his leg on the next one.

One last thing before I begin the tortuous task of getting my daughter out of bed...

Those of you who have dogs know that they will probably eat pretty much anything. I figured that Jack, being a stray, would fall into that same category. Yeaaaaaaaaah, not so much. I've been giving Tea' gummy vitamins (well, because I give Mocha an anti-leak pill - fair is fair, right?), so I figured that I would give a couple to our new friend Jack, to help boost his little Southern immune system. He took them, very nice, he has a very soft mouth, and promptly spit them on the floor. Hmmm...

Ok - How about slathering them in peanut butter?? Nope, back on the floor. Really??

Last chance dog. Got me some string cheese, swiped on some peanut butter and stuck it to the vitamin. Now there's goooooooooooood eatin'.

Hello vitamin C!

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